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The Hitting Stops Here! will be hosting an Olelo Community TV show
based in Hawaii on Channel 52 beginning this summer called:

American SAFEPASS:
Student Alliance For Education in Peaceful American SchoolS

This program will also be available to view right here at
Upcoming programs (dates to be announced):

  • American SAFEPASS:  Making it Through American Schools SAFELY
  • The Man in the Mirror: A Tribute to the Life of Michael Jackson, featuring, He’s Bad!
  • An Interview With a King:  The Views of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. on American School Abuse
  • The Fun Starts Here!:  What is Positive Discipline and Where Do I Begin?
  • Documentary on The Mississippi TakeOff event, May 2010
  • What the Experts Say About “Pain-Based Behavior Management”
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