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Our Mission Statement

Who we are:

The Hitting Stops Here! is a national organization of volunteers from across the U S and its territories working as a team for having safe nurturing American schools.  We are committed to the idea that ALL American school children deserve the best models of discipline and training; models that are both mutually respectful and kind.  We are committed to being a resource for empowering American students to represent themselves and their peers effectively for having schools that model these fundamental virtues.  We want 21st century school children to grow and mature in learning environments that teach peaceful ways of solving EVERY conflict.  Such environments are conducive to producing problem-solvers, independent thinkers, and leaders who have empathy for others.

Our Mission:

To create national awareness of:
  • sanctioned school beatings in 19 US states and territories.
  • the use of harmful seclusions and restraints and other forms of  “school corporal punishment” occurring throughout the US and territories.

  • To disseminate information on the harm “school corporal punishment” produces in children and society.

    To call on President Barack Obama to place an immediate moratorium or ban on all “school corporal punishment” throughout the US and its territories in public, private and charter schools by exercising his authority as Chief Executive Law Enforcer.  (US “school corporal punishment” was termed “legalized child abuse” by CA Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, May 2009.)

    [Violations of the 14th, 13th, 8th and 4th amendments and the Supreme Clause (article vi, par. 2) of the US Constitution occur when an American school child, a US citizen, is subjected to “school corporal punishment” (pain-based behavior management).  Parents and animal owners are subject to being prosecuted for meting out like forms of punishment to their children or pets.]

    To empower parents and educators to use proven positive discipline models that are mutually respectful, producing independent thinkers, problem-solvers and leaders.

    [In US schools where the safety and well-being of children is important, teachers are trained to use 21st century models of discipline that are respectful, kind and effective. American school teachers who lack training in proven positive discipline methodologies are being “left behind,” thus the children in their care are left behind too.]
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