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La Vega Elementary School, TX
Christopher Borland, La Vega Elementary School

La Vega Elementary School Principal, Christopher Borland, was arrested for injuring an elementary school student.

He was charged with injury to a child, a third degree felony, due to excessive, abusive corporal punishment. The small child suffered severe bruises.

Read the full story


Starmount High School, NC
Tony George, Starmount High School

Tony George, Principal of Starmount High, believes that all children should be embarrassed after he batters them with his wooden board.



Memphis Academy of Health Sciences, TN
Curtis Weathers, Memphis Academy of Health Sciences

At the end of each week, students who have been charged with breaking a rule are subjected to being beaten on their buttocks with a wooden board by Principal Curtis Weathers in front of the entire student body

This ritualistic practice takes place on stage in their assembly hall.  Students are degraded in this violent, barbaric manner, which science has proven is psychologically and emotionally damaging to the victims and witnesses alike.

Female students are whipped on their hands with a leather strap and boys are beaten on their buttocks with a wooden board which Mr. Weathers refers to as the terminator.

Click here to read the horrific details.


John C. Calhoun Elementary, SC
David Nixon, John C Calhoun Elementary

David Nixon, Principal of John C. Calhoun, found an old dusty wooden board in a closet, which was held together with duct tape. He decided to pull it out, dust it off and start using it to batter the children in his care.

He proudly displays his weapon on his desk for "all to see". He clearly uses these fear and intimidation tactics to strike fear into the children who enter his office.

Using such slavish tactics clearly sends the message that, "If you don't comply with my demands, THIS is what you will get!"

Yes, another fine example of a
so called caring and responsible adult.


Caddo Mills High School, TX
Brian McKamy, Caddo Mills High School

Brian McKamy, Principal of Caddo Mills High School, hit a student with such force that it caused the student to loose his balance and fall to his knees.

McKamy reached down and yanked the student up by his belt loops ( a wedgy-like fashion) and continued to beat him.

THIS is the result of his abusive, careless and reckless actions.
Caddo Mills High School


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